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  1. TQ1000

    You saw nothing...

    First person to post a thread (not reply) gets 10k in-game from me... I'm deff not trying to rescue the froum here...
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    Player shops

    Player shops can be created by anyone by simply using a chest and some simple commands. --> You can make these shops anywhere in your claim, but it is recommended to make an area specifically for you shop. For players to get there, you want to make a pwarp. Keep in mind, after 30 days of...
  4. TQ1000

    Update 17/03/2020 | Ranks reset!

    The time has come for a full economy reset! Here's everything you need to know: Your rank and balance have been wiped, but the world remains the same The rank shops have been removed, leaving a single shop for all ranks The prices have been reworked to suit the new economy New perks are...
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    Introduction guidelines

    Welcome to the introductions! Here you can post about yourself, get us to know you better :) You don't have to post here, but that is fully up to you. While there is no imposed formatting, here's a couple tips: Try to keep it nice and airy, steer clear of large blocks of texts Bullet points are...
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    Hey, I'm TQ

    Glad this forum's finally up so I can come up with nonsense. Hey, I'm TQ (aka TQ1000, Thomas, Tommy, Bob, Xaimaks, Ghostslayer, lilBits (don't ask) and Tom). A bit about myself: I'm a brit living in France (no, that doesn't make me french, I don't spend my days eating baguette and drinking wine...
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    Well, hello lol.

    Nice introduction, thanks for the first post :) As stated by Drupz, nice to meet you Flannery
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    Update 03/03/2020 | We have liftoff!

    I hope they will. It's more useful for some things than Discord and easier to organise. And in a way, more fun.