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    Easter Event

    Easter event 2020 - Hide and Seek reloaded This sunday (12th of april) we will be hosting another hide and seek event! The latest edition was a huge success and we expect this edition to be just as succesful, if not more! The details: Time: 9PM GMT April 12th Length: 1 hour Place...
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    Selling Custom Enchants in Chestshops

    Another addition considering regular enchanted books: Its important that the books have the same NBT Tags (Press F3+h and hover over the book) Eg: Only books with the same amount of NBT Tags can be sold in one chest.
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    Overview Enchantment mechanics

    Update 14.03.2019: Removed useless enchant levels like Mending 10 or Infinity 10.
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    Overview Enchantment mechanics

    Hey everyone, as you may have noticed, enchanting mechanics work a little bit different on this server. In addition to that, there are also Custom Enchants that you can get from Voting or the OP crate. This post will give you an overview of the most important features. Let’s start with the...
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    Shop at iTonic

    Shop at iTonic
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    Servus Männer

    Heyo, whats up, I`m Gin Tonic, but you can call me Gin. I am ze German on ze server. I am currently 23 I definetly don't have a passion for fork bending. I have been playing Minecraft for about 6 months now, so I am a pro and basically own the game. I play the piano (sometimes) My grandmother...
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    Selling Custom Enchants in Chestshops

    Hey everyone! Important information for everyone, who wants to sell Custom Enchanted Books in a chestshop: You cant sell multible CE-Books in one chest, not even if they are the same Custom Enchant. Each CE-Book has to be sold in an individual chest. For example: You have 3 "Speed I" - books...