Hey, I'm TQ


Mar 1, 2020
Glad this forum's finally up so I can come up with nonsense.
Hey, I'm TQ (aka TQ1000, Thomas, Tommy, Bob, Xaimaks, Ghostslayer, lilBits (don't ask) and Tom).
A bit about myself:
  • I'm a brit living in France (no, that doesn't make me french, I don't spend my days eating baguette and drinking wine (ok, maybe occasionally))
  • I'm a guy, at least I think I am, havn't checked recently
  • I'm 21, but have a mental age of approximately 6 and a half
  • I'm an idiot
  • I don't work and therefor have no life (I am technically a student, but not really)
  • I'm interested in loads of things, including cobblestone, pickaxes, redstone, command blocks, parkour (I'm a pro), pvp (also a pro), the End and many, many more
  • Oh, I also love movies and series, I LIKE READING, I'm interested in peoples behavior and I'm supposedly a professional baker, but no-one cares about that
-> So if you were wondering about MC (which I definitely haven't mentioned yet), I've been playing for a while (don't ask me how long, I have no idea, I have to make it up every time) and I spend just about any free time I have (which, as mentioned higher up, is a lot) on MC. I've done just about everything you can with this game, but I spend most my time building.[/QUOTE]

Speaking of, if you were wondering about my role on the server, while I am a staff member I am technically a builder which means I spend most my time messing with Drupz and other staff members (They love it), help people out when I'm not busy messing with them, help Drupz come up with ideas and fix things (he does most of it cos he's usually the one who broke it, but I pretend to help), and I occasionally build.​

Hope to see you around (you will definitely see me),
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