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Hey everyone,

as you may have noticed, enchanting mechanics work a little bit different on this server. In addition to that, there are also Custom Enchants that you can get from Voting or the OP crate. This post will give you an overview of the most important features.

Let’s start with the Vanilla enchants:

Instead of the Vanilla limitations, most enchantment go up to 10.

You can also have mutually exclusive Enchants on your Item:
  • You can have all four protection enchants on one piece of armor
  • You can have Infinity AND Mending on your bow
  • You can put Riptide and Loyalty on a trident at the same time. In that case the Loyalty enchant will get ignored.
Enchanted Books themselves only go as high as the max Vanilla level. If you want to go beyond, you need to start COMBINING ITEMS in an anvil.
For example: You can put two Fortune 3 books on two Diamond Pickaxes. Then you combine those two Pickaxes into one Fortune 4 Pickaxe. Two Fortune 4 Picks will make one Fortune 5 Pick and so on. (FYI: To get Fortune 10, you need to combine 128 Fortune 3 Pickaxes.)

You can simply Drag n Drop Enchanted Books onto your items, no need to use an anvil. Note: This doesn’t work on armor while you are wearing it. You need to take it off and then drag it on.

The only way to get Enchanted Books with higher than max Vanilla levels is from the Voting- and OP-Crates.

Now onto the Custom Enchantments, which you can only get from the Voting- and OP-Crates at spawn.

  • Regeneration (max Lvl: 2): Regenerate health passively
  • Saturation (max Lvl: 5): Keep your saturation from dropping
  • Speed (max Lvl: 10): Same as potion effect
  • Morehearts (max Lvl: 10): Gives you one extra heart per level.
  • Nightvision (max Lvl: 1): Gives you nightvision, lol.

  • Vampire (max Lvl: 10): Acts as Lifesteal.
  • Inquisitive (max Lvl: 10): Grants more experience when killing mobs
  • Strength (max Lvl: 5): Same as the potion effect. Gives permanent strength when equiped
  • Autocook (max Lvl: 1): Automatically cooks passive mob drops
  • Haste (max Lvl: 10): Same as potion effect.
  • Autoblocking (max Lvl: 1): Automatically turns ores in your inventory into blockform (eg 9 coal into 1 coal block)
  • Autosmelt (max Lvl: 1):Autosmelts minerals like iron or gold. Not affected by Fortune.
    Note: pickaxes with autosmelt won't generate MCMMO mining experience! If you accidentally put it on your pick, contact a staff member. We will remove it for 250k.
  • OreSeeker (max Lvl: 10) Equivalent of veinminer

To enchant an item with a CE, simply Drag n Drop the book onto it. Note: This doesn’t work on armor, if you are wearing, you need to take it off and then drag it on.

You can stack CE`s just like Vanilla enchants: Two Inquisitive 3 swords combined in an anvil will make one Inquisitive 4 sword.
Again: Be careful with the Enchantment “Autosmelt” on your Pickaxe: If you have it on, you won’t get MCMMO Mining XP anymore.

Selling CE-Books:

If you want to sell CE Books in chestshops, make sure to check out the post about that in "Guides and Tutorials"

That’s about it. If you have further questions or additions to that post, contact me. It will get updated frequently, so make sure to check back here occasionally.


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