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Player shops can be created by anyone by simply using a chest and some simple commands.
--> You can make these shops anywhere in your claim, but it is recommended to make an area specifically for you shop.

For players to get there, you want to make a pwarp. Keep in mind, after 30 days of inactivity, your pwarp is automatically removed.
  • To make a pwarp: "/pwarp set <name>" This will cost you 50k
  • Then, since it's for a shop: "/pwarp category <name> shops"
  • If you want to remove your pwarp: "/pwarp remove <name>"
Once you have created your pwarp, you can make your shops.
  • To create a shop: "/shopchest create <amount> <buyprice> <sellprice>" while holding the item to sell, then right-click the chest
  • To remove a shop: "/shopchest remove" then right-click the shop
You can also visit other peoples pwarps.
  • To visit a shop: "/pwarp" then click on Shops, the the head of the player you wish to visit
  • For any other pwarp commands: "/pwarp help"
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