Selling Custom Enchants in Chestshops


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Hey everyone!

Important information for everyone, who wants to sell Custom Enchanted Books in a chestshop:

You cant sell multible CE-Books in one chest, not even if they are the same Custom Enchant.

Each CE-Book has to be sold in an individual chest.

For example: You have 3 "Speed I" - books that you want to sell. Then you have to set up 3 individual chestshops. Each chestshop can ONLY sell the item that you hold in your hand while creating the shop.
If you put all 3 CE-Books into the same chest, ONLY ONE (the one you held in your hand whilst creating the shop) will be sold. After that the shop will say "Out of stock", even though there are still 2 "Speed I" books in there.

So keep that in mind :)



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Something I'd like to add to this, if you do have multiple of the same custom enchant books (the ones you get from voting) and want to sell them in a shop chest, contact a staff member.
We can make them stackable which means the shop will not run out after one has been sold.
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Another addition considering regular enchanted books:

Its important that the books have the same NBT Tags (Press F3+h and hover over the book)
Eg: Only books with the same amount of NBT Tags can be sold in one chest.