Update 17/03/2020 | Ranks reset!


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The time has come for a full economy reset!

Here's everything you need to know:
  • Your rank and balance have been wiped, but the world remains the same
    • The rank shops have been removed, leaving a single shop for all ranks
    • The prices have been reworked to suit the new economy
    • New perks are available at every rank
    • Vote crate rewards have been adjusted
  • Your second /sethome is not deleted, but you need to reach Hero rank to get it back
  • All VIP ranks remain untouched
Bear with us during this transition period, there's are still bugs to be fixed, but we will get there soon.
If you encounter any problems, let us know.

--> Also side note, if you haven't already feel free to make an account on the forums, and why not make an introduction.
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