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Ay up.

I'm BritishBuck, the Welshman from Wales.

I am a guitarist from the north, a cross breed of Yorkshire and Welsh parents.

I am currently in a band called The Signals, which I want to call Goose Green or Smudge but we will see about that.

I frequently listen to Indie rock such as The Stone Roses, Oasis and Arctic Monkeys, but I do like a bit of Jungle/Electronic dance tunes like the Prodigy and M-Beats.

I've been with this community for 3 days as of writing this, and It has taken at least second priority on my server list. It's a wicked server.

I am a man who has been playing for bare time, since 2011 with long breaks of course, my last being from whenever guardians were added right up to a couple months ago.

My base is located in some massive mountains which one day I hope to completely control with a clan, just like the old 2b2t days.

Well, Big up all of you in this community, youse are all sick.

Take care, BB